Conference hall and other spaces

We have bright and spacious wooden (160 sq. m.) hall with picturesque window view straight in to the pine trees. Wooden floor are suitable even for dancing or yoga practices. We also have multimedia and sound system. Close to this hall there is 40 sq. m. cafe space for your coffee-breaks.

Need more space? In the separate building you will find another 50 sq. m. hall and two small separate spaces (20 sq. m. and 15 sq. m.). If you host summer event, we can offer you 113 sq. m. dome and 5 teepee tents.

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Telefonas| Phone: +370 620 998 88

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Liudgardos k., Dubingių s., Molėtų r. 

GPS koordinatės: 55°03'13.2"N 25°30'32.6"E.


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