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Welcome to the venue Auksinė giria (Golden Forest). This is the biggest place in Lithuania, based on healthy lifestyle principles.

We offer conscious recreation in the middle of pine-tree forest, nutritious vegetarian and vegan food and variety of unique indoor and outdoor experiences.


Nowadays, first-time experiences and active leisure time meets the criteria for quality recreation. We can offer huge variety of experiential learning methods, seminars and activities that help to explore Lithuanias culture and heritage. We guarantee long lasting inspiration and lifetime memories no matter whether it is summer or winter, whether this is community gathering, retreat, team-building or special occasion such as wedding.

Tired of daily routine? Stepping into completely new surroundings helps you to leave all the tense, work and stress behind so that you can better connect with yourself and others.

Have you ever dreamed about a non-traditional wedding or a birthday party surrounded by nature? Golden Forest venue will serve as great space for the magical celebration of your very important days.

The Golden Forest is located in Asveja Regional Park, near the longest lake in Lithuania. There you will find many pathways for breathtaking walks and time to stay in silence, deeply bonding with nature.

Have you ever noticed that best self-discoveries happen during adventurous journeys? Golden Forest is is not only the venue, but wholesome experience. There you get a chance to meet your true self.

Nature, calmness and wilderness is the best spa for your body, mind and soul. Your revitalizing experience begins as soon as you enter the forest.

We forget that we have thirst for deeper connection with others until we find it. Experiencing powerful human connections filled with kindness opens your heart and helps to bond with each other.

Our kitchen offers a culinary journey into the world of taste. Colorful, delicious and modern vegetarian food will conquer your heart. Do you know the taste of happiness? Creative recipes will make you enjoy the experience of new taste.

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